What the Heck is Thanksgivukkah?

A new word for Thanksgiving has come into being. It’s Thanksgivukkah. Doesn’t this sound strange? I thought so at first until I learned more about what’s behind it all. Thanksgiving and Hanukkah happen on the same day this year.  Thanksgiving Day has fallen during Hanukkah at least twice between 1863 (when Thanksgiving was proclaimed a U.S. federal holiday by President Abraham Lincoln) and 2013: in 1888 Thanksgiving was the first day of Hanukkah, and in 1899 it was the fourth day.

There are plenty of people planning to mingle the holidays with creative and inventive ideas. One suggested recipe is bringing a turkey brined in Manischewitz wine and using challah bread as a base for stuffing. Maybe you want to consider a side of potato latkes with cranberry sauce to put the final touch on the dual-holiday celebration.

Entertainers are taking advantage of this unique occurrence and are putting on an event at the Pico Union in Los Angeles. The performers include the Mosha Band and rapper Kosha Dillz. An organization in Tel Aviv, Israel, has a celebratory Friday dinner to mark the occasion as well.

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