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Save A Life This Month With Cord Blood Awareness

The National Health Information Center has labeled July as cord blood awareness month to help share the word about the benefits of stem cells. Cord Blood Awareness can stop the waste of this scientific resource so let’s break it down to the basics.

Stem cells are currently used to regenerate tissue and treat diseases and are also easily collected. The first step in obtaining stem cells is collecting the blood from an umbilical cord.

Stem cells are then extracted from the blood and saved for potential medical use. Sadly the umbilical cord is usually thrown away and labeled as chemical waste before it can be used for more positive medical uses.

With about 80 different diseases that can be potentially treated by stem cells it’s more important than ever to help with extended research. You can do your part and save cord blood stem cells with a public or private family bank.

In honor of cord blood awareness month, please consider taking some time to spread the information to your friends who are expecting and you can potentially save lives.

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