Wedding Season is Just Around the Corner, Check Out These Secrets to a Successful Marriage

As the weather warms up, the spring and summer wedding season is about to take off. Whether you are getting married or plan to rekindle the flame in your own marriage, Dr. Bonnie’s tips to a successful marriage are useful tools to help you reach your relationship goals.

The Doctor                  

Here on The Maria Sanchez Show, we reach out to professionals to bring you the right advice. Dr. Bonnie is a marriage and relationship counselor who specializes in solving relationship challenges. She is also the author of Adultery the Forgivable Sin and a regular Correspondent on our program.

Kissing and Hugging

When it comes to relationship advice to maintain a successful marriage here are a few of her simple tips, kissing for 30 seconds and hugging for 20 seconds is an essential ingredient in a successful and intimate marriage. A marriage requires physical intimacy and touch to thrive.

Play Dates

Even after years of marriage, Dr. Bonnie suggests regular play dates with your spouse. Play dates are an essential tool to maintain that playful spark in a marriage.

A successful marriage is built on intimacy and enjoyment. To learn more relationship tips and advice in the Ventura County area, tune into The Maria Sanchez Show weekdays starting at 9:00AM (PST).


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