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October is Vocational Service Month!

I am a proud member of a Rotary club, my father has been a member of Kiwanis for nearly 60 years, my mother served as the Chair of the March of Dimes and the President of the women’s club of our parish, giving to others is quite frankly, in my blood.   This month, we are invited to act as a representative of our professions, because of the emphasis on the importance of focusing on our vocation as a whole. In October, Rotary clubs around the world focus their attention on services that promote high ethical standards, recognize value in all occupations, and contribute to vocational skills that meet the needs of the local community.

As a Rotary club, there are a variety of ways we can recognize Vocational Service Month. Whether we choose to have one meeting dedicated to discussing vocational service as a whole, or present a member with a vocational award, our recognition is what continues the movement. Additionally, many Rotary clubs choose to have members dedicate their vocational skills to the local community or sponsor a local vocational networking event.

As a Rotary member, we have a duty to rightfully represent our profession in the light intended.

This is also true of other valuable and dedicated service organizations that benefit local communities as well as people and projects around the world.

October is Vocational Service Month! To catch up on the latest from The Maria Sanchez Show, download the latest podcast today!

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