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Today in History: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Dedicated

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated on this day in 1982.

With Veterans Day just a couple of days behind us, we hopefully still have the brave men and women who’ve served our nation on our minds. 23 years ago, so did our entire country.  Thanks to the creation, erection, and dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This memorial was first honored on November 13th, 1982.

A V-shaped black granite wall makes up the memorial, inscribed with the names of each of the 57,939 Americans who lost their lives during the war. The names aren’t arranged in order of rank. Rather, they’re simply listed in the order of death. The memorial doesn’t have the traditional quote or statues, but it does offer families and friends the opportunity to see their loved one specifically named for his or her service.

Today, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is one of the most regularly visited memorials in our country. Commonly known as “The Wall,” this memorial stands to honor those we lost and remember what we’ve become since the conflict.

My father served in the Korean War in the United State Air Force, then in its infancy.  My youngest brother was a Captain in the Marine Corps.  He ended his time in the Corps as a Series Commander for the Marines.  I am proud of my family, but most importantly, proud of all of our citizens and those that served and sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  Not to mention the sacrifice that their families had to endure as well while their loved ones were deployed.  Those long absences, the fear of the unknown, the experiences while on their deployments, the abject conditions under which they exist, all contribute to my life long admiration and respect for what they have done to protect our freedom!

As an aside, my father’s name is listed on a memorial wall that was erected in the Palm Springs area to honor the local men and women that served and sacrificed their lives for ours.

The Maria Sanchez Show wants to say thank you to all of our veterans for committing your lives to protecting our freedom and our country.

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