Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. The one day of the year that society expects us to show our significant other just how much we love them.

For some reason, Valentine’s Day seems to be focused on women, not both women and men. While flowers and candy are the two top gift choices, I personally don’t know very many men who would be excited to receive a boutique of flowers or a heart shaped box of candy.

Therefore, if Valentine’s Day is truly meant for both men and women let’s look at a few ideas that would allow both parties of the couple to enjoy the occasion.

1) Enjoy a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant (be sure to make reservations).

2) Cook a nice meal together at home and sit down to a candlelit table to enjoy it.

3) Grab a pizza or your favorite take-out food and a video and snuggle on the sofa together.

4) Get tickets to a show or concert you both want to see.

5) Recreate your first date (my personal favorite).

There are plenty of things you can do to show your significant other that you love them this Valentine’s Day – take a chance and mix things up a little!

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