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How We Can Unplug and Connect This Holiday Season

How We Can Unplug and Connect This Holiday Season

Let’s reconnect with our loved ones over the holidays.

While modern technology has afforded us undeniable convenience, it does carry some downsides.  One major tradeoff of today’s technology is that many of us get so caught up with online communications and social media that we often neglect our real-life relationships.  This is why it’s so important to step back every once in a while and devote our energies to the people that we love and cherish the most.  By unplugging this holiday season, we can connect with our loved ones and remind ourselves about what really matters.  Here are some of the suggestions that we should try to make unplugging a little easier.

Prepare Ahead of Time

If we want to step away from modern technology, then it’s important that we prepare.  Even if we are only planning on unplugging for a couple of hours, we should inform others that we will be unreachable.  We should inform others about the best way to contact us in the event of a major emergency.  By taking this step, we can rest easy knowing that we can unplug without fear of missing an urgent message or call for help.

Start Small

When it’s time for our families and us to unplug, we should start small.  For instance, we should lay aside a few hours at a time to get used to the idea of not constantly checking our phones, laptops, or mobile devices.  By starting small, we can ease into the idea of not being constantly connected and can keep feelings of deprivation and anxiety at a minimum.

Set Rules

Finally, we should set rules for out unplugged time.  For instance, we should try to unplug when our families are all together.  This way the whole family can get involved and enjoy the benefits of quality time.  Another great rule is banning technology from the dinner table.  By making it a habit of unplugging during family meals, we can have a little time every day to simply enjoy the company of our loved ones and focus on keeping real-life lines of communication open.

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