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Understanding Genealogy on National Family History Month

multiple family generations

October is National Family History Month.

October is National Family History and, as the name suggests, this month is dedicated to learning more about our ancestors.  One suggestion is by exploring our genealogy. According to Merriam Webster the definition has four iterations and they are:

Definition of genealogy

1: an account of the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor or from older forms

2: regular descent of a person, family, or group of organisms from a progenitor (see PROGENITOR SENSE 1) or older form PEDIGREE

3: the study of family ancestral lines

4: an account of the origin and historical development of something

Through this research, we may learn more about our ethnic, social, and geographical origins as well as forge connections with other previous generations.

Tracing our family histories may be a great way to preserve the past as well as to understand how our families fit into a larger historical picture.  Genealogy research may also help us uncover secret relations and track health issues such as genetic disorders.

One of our suggestions as to celebrate National Family History Month is by delving into our genealogies. An easy way to do this is by using ancestry DNA kits, available from a multitude of companies.  The results from these tests can help us trace our family lines and fill out our family trees.

We at The Maria Sanchez Show hope you will join us as we explore our genealogies this National Family History Month.  Don’t forget to check out our latest program,Shadow Politics with Senator Michael D. Brown.  Tune in on Sundays at 4:00 p.m. PDT/7:00 p.m. EDT.

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