How Travel Advisories Affect Us

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Here is some information about what travel advisories are.

When travel restrictions are lifted, the U.S. government may issue travel advisories.  Here’s what we need to know about these government-issued notices.

Travel advisories are official warnings issued by the U.S. government.  These warnings provide information about the relative safety of traveling or visiting certain countries or locations.  Travel advisories are meant to help travelers make informed safety and security decisions when traveling to potentially risky destinations. Travel advisories are often issued for inclement weather, security concerns, civil unrest, or disease outbreaks.

If a travel advisory is issued for the country we intend to travel to, this does not necessarily mean that we need to cancel our trip.  There are different levels of travel advisories, and our plans depend on the threat level.  For instance, Level 1 advisories mean that we need to exercise reasonable precautions, but are otherwise safe to visit a location. Level 2 advisories warn that we need to exercise increased caution.  While we can still travel, we need to be very wary and perhaps only travel under the protection of professional guides or with an organization.

It is only when we reach a higher level advisory that we run into serious trouble.  Level 3 advisories ask us to reconsider travel.  In January 2020, travel to China was marked a Level 3 due to the outbreak of COVID-19, or coronavirus.  At this threat level, many U.S. airlines will automatically start canceling flights. When Level 4 advisories are issued, travel is not permitted.  In February, China was upgraded to a Level 4 threat with the city of Wuhan under complete quarantine for coronavirus.  At that point, no travelers could enter or leave the country.

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