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Join Us in Learning More About the Toothbrush and Its History

Join Us in Learning More About the Toothbrush and Its History

Here are a few facts to learn all about the history of the toothbrush.

Our dental health is important. Without good dental health, we put ourselves at risk of all sorts of health issues, especially when it comes to heart disease. While it’s important to visit the dentist regularly, it’s also important to brush our teeth twice a day. Here are a few facts about toothbrushes.

  • The first toothbrushes existed in ancient civilizations as early as 3000 B.C.E.
  • Before the modern toothbrush, hog’s hair was used in place of the nylon bristles. This practice originated in China around 1498.
  • The first toothbrush of a more modern design was made by William Addis in England around 1780 – the handle was carved from cattle bone, and the brush portion was still made from swine bristles. In 1844, the first 3-row bristle brush was designed.
  • In 1938, nylon bristles were introduced to the market, and the modern toothbrush was born.  Natural bristles were the only source of bristles until Du Pont invented nylon.
  • After WWII, the oral hygiene industry took off, and toothbrushes became all the more popular leading to the development of the electric toothbrush in 1960.

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