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Calling All Tom Sawyer Fans – Join Us in Celebrating American Literature on Tom Sawyer Paints a Fence Day

Join Us in Celebrating American Literature on Tom Sawyer Paints a Fence Day

We invite you to learn more about Tom Sawyer Paints a Fence Day.   

Mark Twain remains one of the most influential American writers in our nation’s history. His classic story, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” continues to be devoured by readers around the world. Tom’s character is a tenacious little boy who often gets into trouble. In one passage of the book, Tom is tasked with painting his Aunt Polly’s fence. He then tricks the neighborhood boys into painting the fence for him. This passage from the story continues to influence modern life. Every July, this passage comes to life in Hannibal, Missouri at the National Tom Sawyer Days festival. Please join us in learning more about the tradition.

Tom Sawyer Days Festival.

In its 62nd year, the Festival offers all sorts of Tom Sawyer related activities. With live music, a craft fair, a National Fence Painting Competition,  the frog jump contest and the Tom & Becky Contest.

About Tom Sawyer.

The town’s most famous citizen arrived—just before 1840 in a wagon. He was just four years old when his family arrived in Hannibal, Missouri and at that time, he was known as Samuel Clemens.  Years later, he became known by his pen name, Mark Twain.   The Mississippi River is often mentioned in his literature.  It was the impetus for his pen name.  The term “Mark Twain” was a river term meaning the river was deep enough for a steamship to navigate safely.

Today, there is the Mark Twain Riverboat which gives visitors a chance to be on the Mississippi River, not just look at it.

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