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Today is the International Day of Non-Violence; Let’s Learn More About this Day

Today is the International Day of Non-Violence; Let’s Learn More About this Day

October 2nd is recognized as the International Day of Non-Violence.  Let’s find out how we can honor this day.

The International Day of Non-Violence is held on October 2nd in honor of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.  Gandhi is recognized as a leader of the Indian independence movement and a staunch supporter of the strategy of non-violence.  The United Nations declared International Non-Violence Day with the goal of spreading a message of peace, tolerance, understanding, and non-violence to all.

Just what is “non-violence” and how is it executed?  According to the United Nations, “also known as non-violent resistance — it rejects the use of physical violence in order to achieve social or political change. Often described as “the politics of ordinary people” this form of social struggle has been adopted by mass populations all over the world in campaigns for social justice.”

Additionally, one key tenet of the theory of non-violence is that the power of our leaders depends on the consent of their constituency, and thus, non-violence seeks to take away this power by withdrawing the willingness and cooperation of the affected parties.

There are three main categories of non-violence action:

  • protest and persuasion, including marches and vigils;
  • non-cooperation; and
  • non-violent intervention, such as blockades and occupations.

In honor of this day of peace and acceptance, here are some ways that everyone can celebrate.

– Learn more about the leaders who preached non-violence.  Some of the best examples are Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and Nelson Mandela.

– Another way to celebrate is to read the biographies of these inspiring figures.  There are also many kid-friendly books that tell the story of these pioneers of non-violence, so our children can also benefit from the lessons that these people taught.

– Finally, we can watch movies and documentaries that portray what non-violent struggles have been experienced throughout history.  However, please be aware that these movies are not always appropriate to younger viewers, so let’s be sure to screen a potential movie before having our kids sit down to watch with us.

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