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Tips to Help Us Sneak More Steps in Every Day

Tips to Help Us Sneak More Steps in Every Day

Let’s find out how we can work more exercise into our busy schedules.

While most of us recognize the importance of staying physically fit, it’s not always easy to make time to exercise.  Luckily, here are opportunities that we can do to sneak in a little bit more exercise every day.  Let’s all make an effort to try out these suggestions.

Re-Think Our Commutes

One way to be more active is by finding alternative transportation options to get to work.  For instance, those of us who live close to work should consider walking or even biking to our offices.  For those of us who live too far away to walk, we can still find ways to increase our physical activity.  For instance, we can park a couple of blocks away from our offices, this way we can still get the benefits of walking without the risk of being late.  Taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  Parking on the top floor and walking down and up at the beginning and ending of our day are significant contributions to taking more steps.

Change How We Run Errands

When we run errands, most of us like to get in and out as quickly as possible.  However, instead of rushing through the process, we might consider looking at errands as an opportunity to exercise.  For starters, when we park, let’s aim for the back of the parking lot.  While this may seem inconvenient, it will increase the steps it takes for us to reach our destinations.  Additionally, when completing activities such as grocery shopping, let’s so our best to zig-zag through the whole store.  This will slow us down a little, but it will also increase the amount of physical activity we get for the day.

Step Up Our Weekend Mornings

While many of us like to sleep in on weekends and spend the rest of the day relaxing, perhaps we might consider changing up our routines?  Instead of sleeping in, let’s try to get up early with a burst of activity.  For instance, walking to a nearby coffee shop will provide us with the energy and caffeine we need to start our day productively.  By injecting a bit of activity in our weekend mornings, we may be setting ourselves up for a much more healthy and active weekend, which will contribute to our overall weeks’ worth of activity.

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