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Tips for Planning the Ultimate Staycation

Tips for Planning the Ultimate Staycation

Here’s how we can have the vacation we want from the comfort of our own homes.

Some of my favorite memories with my children continue to involve “staycations.”  Being a single mother of four now adult children doesn’t always allow us to get together for long periods of time, due to everyone’s constraints.  Thus, having a staycation together, allows us to enjoy one another’s company, stay at home, lower the costs significantly, and provide some flexibility for who could arrive and depart when they needed, without having to coordinate the same itinerary, that a normal vacation requires.

While we might not have time to travel and take a proper vacation this summer, we can always take a “staycation.”  A staycation is a vacation spent inside our own homes.  Not only are these types of vacations cost effective, but they are also convenient and relatively stress-free.  Interested in taking a staycation?  We offer these suggestions for planning.

Take Care of Chores Ahead of Time

If we want to relax completely, then it’s strongly advisable to get all our household chores out of the way.  For instance, we should take care of basics such as laundry, dusting, mopping, and vacuum ahead of time.  Additionally, we should make sure that we have our checkbooks balanced, our bills paid, and our fridges stocked with the necessities.  By taking care of these responsibilities ahead of time, we can ensure that we can let ourselves relax on our staycations.

Maximize Comfort

We should also prep for our staycations by adding elements that will boost our homes’ comfort levels.  For instance, we can buy plush new bedding, comfy throw pillows, fresh area rugs, and other things that will make our homes feel more like a luxury hotel.  Downtime considerations such as board games, playing cards, favorite movies, and programs are some suggestions to help ensure a great time.

Organize Meals

Finally, our staycations shouldn’t be spent slaving away in the kitchen.  Before our vacations are set to start, let’s take the time to prep a bunch of meals.  This way all we need to do is pop something into the microwave or oven when it’s dinner time.  Additionally, we shouldn’t be afraid to splurge a bit on eating out, ordering in, or grabbing takeout.  We should enjoy every aspect of our staycations, including our favorite foods.

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