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Tips For A Perfect Family Staycation

Tips for a Perfect Family Staycation

Perfecting Your Family’s Summer Staycation

Now that summer is here and the kids are out of school, we are probably on the hunt for ways to get some quality family time. While a vacation offers us a solution, it can be pricey and a huge hassle and often over crowded.

Fortunately, we can get what we crave without the trouble or expense of a vacation by enjoying a staycation this summer break. To help make the most of our time together, we want to offer these suggestions for a perfect family staycation that will be filled with making memories.

  • Unplug: One of the biggest benefits of a vacation is getting away from the distractions of daily life. To help preserve that feeling even while we are at home, power down our phones and computers.
  • Plan Ahead: So that we can enjoy our staycation stress-free, get ahead on the laundry and deep clean the house (the kids can help!) beforehand.
  • Play The Tourist: You do not have to be trapped inside our abodes on our staycation. Do some research on local attractions in our cities and then visit them!

We hope you enjoy your summer staycation! The team at The Maria Sanchez Show is looking forward to taking a staycation with our families, too.

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