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Tips to Take Care of Our Cars This Summer

car with hood open

We’d like to recommend these summer car maintenance suggestions.

While many of us don’t have to concern ourselves with rain, wind, or other adverse weather conditions during the summer months, this does not mean that summertime is without its risks. To help ensure that our cars continue to run smoothly this season, here are some of the maintenance suggestions to consider, if this isn’t a regular part of summer maintenance.

  • Have Our Radiators Inspected

For those of us who suffered through an icy, snowy winter, driving along heavily salted roads may have caused damage to our cars’ radiators.  This can lead to our cars’ engines leaking and eventually overheating. To ensure that our cars’ radiators are in good shape, it’s recommended to ask our mechanics to check for damage and clogs that may make it harder for engine coolant to circulate through our engines.

  • Have Our Batteries Checked

While cold weather can increase the chances of our cars’ batteries dying, hot temperatures can also wreak havoc as well. Heat can cause battery fluid to evaporate, which can lead to corrosion.  If it’s been a while since we last purchased a battery, then we suggest taking our cars into the mechanic and have our batteries inspected to ensure that our fluid levels are adequate.

  • Have Our Air Conditioners Tested

Before temperatures get too extreme, it’s important that we test our cars’ air conditioners.  For those of us who have air conditioners that may appear to be weak, it’s possible that our AC systems are blocked or need more Freon.  While getting our cars’ air conditioners fixed might seem like a needless expense, remember that the belt operating our AC might also be powering other parts of our engines.  Ignoring a weak AC may cause our engines to overheat this summer.

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