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Safeguard Your Community During Crime Prevention Month

The Themes of Crime Prevention Month

Feel safe in your neighborhood by getting involved in Crime Prevention Month. 

We know we’ve already shared that October has a lot of official designations, but there’s another one to which we want to draw attention. October is Crime Prevention Month, and it’s important for us to get involved and do our part to protect our communities.

People tend to think that crime just “happens,” but we can be proactive and effective in preventing crime. May we suggest that we join with our local law enforcement and the National Crime Prevention Council to learn what we can do?

Some of us may feel that we really can’t do much towards preventing theft and violent crimes, but if we get involved in each of the themes in the coming weeks of October we’ll equip ourselves with the skills we need to make a difference! Themes this Crime Prevention Month are:

  • October 1st to 7th is Community Engagement
  • October 8th to 14th is Neighborhood and Home Safety
  • October 15th to 21st is Personal Safety
  • October 22nd to 28th is Cyber Safety

During each of these weeks and through the whole month of October, The Maria Sanchez Show encourages all of us to focus on keeping ourselves, our families and our communites free of crime.

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