The World’s Only Astrosexologist, Kiki T.

I am very happy to welcome back our Astrosexologist Correspondent, Kiki T!  She is the world’s only Astrosexologist, and joins us again as our monthly astrological radio correspondent right here on The Maria Sanchez Show. Kiki T. is an amazing bundle of energy. She writes numerous blogs about fashion, astrology, and of course sex and sexuality. She has appeared on TV shows like the Tyra Banks Show, and she is the author of several books with daring titles, such as “The Celestial Sexpot’s Handbook.” Her long list of accomplishments includes being the Astrosexologist for “Scarlet” the UK’s sleek sex magazine. She has written for Playgirl and landed an ongoing project with as a columnist and now star of webisodes called Celestial Charm School.

Kiki T. is amazing. She takes you down that road your parents refused to drive. She uses the power of Astrology to teach you about your inner sexual desires and how they compare and compete with other astrological aspects of people and events around you. She is a HOT, fashion personality and includes tips that help bring out the sexual beast that you keep caged.

If you would like more information about Kiki T. the world’s only Astrosexologist, and the advice she has for Ventura County then check out The Maria Sanchez Show.  You can catch new shows Monday through Friday at 9:00AM (PST), or download previous shows from iTunes and on our website at

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