The Unknown Ben Franklin

On January 17th, we celebrate the birthday of American Visionary Ben Franklin.  His inventions crafted the modern world as we know it; but I’ll bet there’s a lot of things about this founding father you didn’t know!  Here are a few tid bits of my favorite Franklin trivia.

At fifteen, young Ben wrote letters to his brother James’ publication The New England Courant under the pseudonym “Mrs. Silence Dogood”.  The letters were published and became very popular, though when James found out, he fired his younger brother from working on the publication!

Poor Richard’s Almanac was first published by Franklin in 1733 under another pseudonym, Richard Saunders.

Franklin was named the first United States Postmaster General on July 26th, 1775 and was key in establishing the United States Postal Service which exists as we know it even to this present day.

Franklin lived his life by thirteen virtues which he established when he was 20 and continued to cultivate in himself for the rest of his life. There are many reasons to celebrate the birth of Ben Franklin, and these are just a few!

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