The Maria Sanchez Show Touches on Islamic Extremists

With rebels linked to Islamic terrorist group al-Quaida urging Somalian parents to avoid having their children inoculated for polio, the World Health Organization acknowledges that the country that was once polio free, now has cases of polio.

Members of Al-Shabab, a group of Islamic extremists, are telling parents that polio vaccinations are part of a foreign plot to kill or weaken their children, according to international news reports.

Allegedly, Al-Shabab militants are attempting to capitalize on their remaining influence in small communities in Somalia. They are telling parents that the vaccine will render their daughters barren at best, and kill their children at worst.

The trend worries Sona Bari, of the World Health Organization. Bari said that polio has paralyzed 25 Somalian children since early May. Before this, the country had not seen an outbreak in more than five years, she added. Last year, there were 224 polio cases worldwide, the lowest number ever recorded.

However, the recent outbreak in Somalia could reverse that trend, noted Bari, adding that the number of recorded cases since May is likely just the beginning.

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