The Maria Sanchez Show Talks Relationships

Recently, Dr. Bonnie, the #1 love doctor in the world, was on The Maria Sanchez Show to discuss how to keep the love alive. She maintains that adultery is indeed the forgivable sin.

It’s always a challenge, but here are some tips on how to strengthen your relationship.

Remember that love changes over time. You’re not always going to be the infatuated teenagers who can’t keep their hands off each other. Love matures and grows into something more sophisticated. At the same time, affection and sexual desire are the keys to any relationship. Maintaining these two factors is crucial to keeping love alive and boredom out of your relationship.

Surprise and thoughtfulness are keys to romance and keeping things exciting between the two of you. Thoughtful gestures, like an impromptu breakfast in bed, can go a long way to maintaining love. In the same vein, celebrate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. And pay attention to your sex life — variety and communication can help keep things from getting stale over time.  A 30 second kiss, a 20 second hug and weekly play dates make it easy to help maintain the spark.

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