The Importance of Human Rights Day

As we Americans enter into the joyful holiday season, it is important to recognize that not everyone around the world has the same basic human rights. That is why, since 1950, the UN has declared December 10 to be Human Rights Day. This year the day will also be used to call to mind the 20th anniversary of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, which was first published in 1993.

Since the UN began working on human rights there have been many advancements. Women’s rights are now recognized as fundamental, international law recognizes basic human rights, international law works to help and protect migrants and immigrants, the rights of minorities are growing, and the overall awareness of human rights is growing across the globe.

December 10 offers all of us here at The Maria Sanchez Show to recognize these advancements and to work towards way to continue to improve the world where we all live. When we shed light on human rights abuses around the world, we prevent them from growing.

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