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Veterans Day & United States Marine Corp Day

November calls for Americans to support our troops and honor them for all of their sacrifices. USMC Day falls on November 10th each year and Veterans Day falls on November 11th every year. While we should be showing our support and gratitude all year long, these two special days remind us to honor all of whom have

Today is World Polio Day! Show Your Support to End the Fight!

Today, October 24th, there is a worldwide recognition of World Polio Day. At its peak, polio paralyzed and killed up to half a million people every year, before Jonas Salk invented a vaccine in 1955 (IPV). The Salk vaccine inactivated polio rapidly and cut polio transmission in the United States, from 20,000 cases per year

Turn Up The Heat Because Fall is Here!

Tomorrow marks the Fall Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere of the world.  Those affected by the Fall Equinox on September 23rd at 2:29 UTC are the United States, Central America, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. The Southern Hemisphere is made up of Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Southern Africa. They will have to wait

Celebrate Patriots Day and Remember 9/11

September 11th is Patriots Day, a day we remember the tragic deaths of the 2,977 that died because of the events that followed terrorists hijacking airplanes. As most of us recall, terrorists hijacked four planes on September 11th. Two planes were directed at the Twin Towers and shattered the structure of both buildings while the third

2014 FIFA World Cup

What an exhilarating FIFA World Cup this has been! Hopefully you have been watching these exciting games! Making it out of group play and into the round of 16: Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, Chili, Colombia, Greece, Costa Rica, Uruguay, France, Switzerland, Argentina, Nigeria, Germany, United States, Belgium, and Algeria. Coming into the Semi-Finals with our final