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What the Heck is Thanksgivukkah?

A new word for Thanksgiving has come into being. It’s Thanksgivukkah. Doesn’t this sound strange? I thought so at first until I learned more about what’s behind it all. Thanksgiving and Hanukkah happen on the same day this year.  Thanksgiving Day has fallen during Hanukkah at least twice between 1863 (when Thanksgiving was proclaimed a

The History of Thanksgiving

Did you know that the first Thanksgiving in America wasn’t really a celebration of thanks? Did you further know that it was a three day celebration that was attended by nearly twice as many Native Americans as Pilgrims? It is just a few of the generally unknown tidbits about the history of Thanksgiving. The 1621

Native American Heritage Month

Every Thanksgiving in the U.S., people acknowledge the interaction between the pilgrims and the Indians, and their cooperation during those first years. Since August 3, 1990, the month of November has been recognized as National American Indian Heritage Month. This is a time to recognize the rich cultural heritage, history and essential contributions American Indians have