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The Maria Sanchez Show Talks Relationships

Recently, Dr. Bonnie, the #1 love doctor in the world, was on The Maria Sanchez Show to discuss how to keep the love alive. She maintains that adultery is indeed the forgivable sin. It’s always a challenge, but here are some tips on how to strengthen your relationship. Remember that love changes over time. You’re

Mother’s Day: It’s the Thought That Counts

What does a mom enjoy on her special day of the year? That is a question that many are asking themselves and trying to figure out what to do for Mother’s Day this year. Mother’s Day is the one day that you can go all out and honor the mother in your life. She may

Decoding the Diabetic Diet

Diabetes is a serious problem in the United States today.  Millions of adults and children are on medications and follow diets in order to control their blood sugar levels and allow them to lead regular lives. One of the best ways of controlling diabetes is through eating a diet rich in natural foods–foods found in

The Maria Sanchez Show: Listen Live or On-Demand

Did you know that kilts promote fertility? Alternatively, that Kiki T is the only Astrosexologist in the world? Well, you would if you had listened to The Maria Sanchez Show lately. In fact, if you haven’t been listening live, you also missed interesting shows like “Roe Vs Wade for Men” about men’s and father’s rights,

Cinco de Mayo and Tequila, The Two Go Hand in Hand

The Maria Sanchez Show is offering talk radio listeners great advice about how to properly drink tequila this Cinco de Mayo.  You need to know what qualifies as the real deal with tequila. Look for labels stating 100 percent agave tequila. Skip over the bottles that state they are “made with agave,” as this means