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Everything We’ve Wanted to Know About Passover

Everything We’ve Wanted to Know About Passover

Please join us in learning a little bit about the Jewish celebration of Passover. As we honor the season of spring, many of us associate this time of year with Easter. However, there’s another major religious holiday that occurs at this time of year. The Jewish holiday Passover is observed in the spring. Some folks

Chag Sameach! Passover Starts Tomorrow Evening

Passover Starts Tomorrow Evening

This year, Passover will be observed from Friday, April 22nd to Saturday, April 30th. Passover (Pesach in Hebrew) is a yearly celebration commemorating the Israelites’ departure from Egypt. The festival is called Passover because God passed over the Israelites’ households when the final plague killed the firstborn of each Egyptian family, having the Pharaoh release

Holy Week Begins With Palm Sunday

This Coming Sunday Commemorates Jesus’ Return To Jerusalem On Palm Sunday, the triumphal return of Jesus to Jerusalem is celebrated. It is observed on the last Sunday before Easter, and marks the beginning of Holy Week, during which the Church commemorates the events leading up to the death of Jesus. Palm Sunday is this coming

Passover and Easter Sunday 2014

The beginning of the Spring season marks two very important celebrations for both Christians and Jews — Passover and Easter Sunday. Often, these holidays overlap on the calendar, which leads many to question the differences in these celebrations. We’ll attempt to offer some historical insight on both. Passover is an eight-day celebration.  The Jewish peoplecelebrate