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Should You Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month?

Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month

A few reasons we might consider about observing Vegetarian Awareness Month.   This October,we’ll start to see the classic fall imagery of a cornucopia overflowing with a bounty of produce. More than just a symbol, this is a great reminder that October is Vegetarian Awareness Month. Here are just a few reasons we might wise

Safeguard Your Community During Crime Prevention Month

The Themes of Crime Prevention Month

Feel safe in your neighborhood by getting involved in Crime Prevention Month.  We know we’ve already shared that October has a lot of official designations, but there’s another one to which we want to draw attention. October is Crime Prevention Month, and it’s important for us to get involved and do our part to protect

National Book Month: A Real Page Turner

“Fall” In Love With National Book Month!

Curl up with a good read to celebrate National Book Month!  Reading is powerful. Through books, we can be transported to foreign lands, live life through another person’s eyes, delve subjects previously undiscovered to us, and more! People might be concerned that nobody reads in our digital age, but that’s just not true! Think of

Celebrate German Heritage This Oktober!

Happy German Heritage Month!

 Glücklich Deutsch erbmonat. Happy German Heritage Month! While we tend to think that the top European nation from which Americans claim heritage is Ireland, it has a fierce contender for the title. Interestingly enough, around one in four Americans can claim German ancestry! To commemorate this important part of our national heritage, October is recognized

Calendulas: October’s Beautiful Birth Month Flower

October Birth Month Flower: Calendula

Bring home blooms of calendulas, October’s flower, this month! When we think of October’s plant life, we tend to think of pumpkins. However there is a beautiful, pumpkin-colored bloom that we might not know about it perhaps it shouldn’t be overlooked. The calendula is the official Birth Month Flower of October. When they bloom, these

Bring Home A Furry Family Member During Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month!

Grow Your Family During Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month!

 Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month: it’s the perfect time for pet adoption! October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog month, so there’s no better time to bring home a new four-legged friend than right now. During this month, we want to highlight just how many shelter dogs need loving homes. If you’ve got a soft spot for these in-need animals, use these

Get Involved In Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Here are a few things you can do. Thanks to the efforts of lots of dedicated people, the majority of Americans are aware of breast cancer. In fact, most have even learned to see the pink ribbon as a reminder of this disease. Even though we’re aware, the problem