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Facts to Know During Mental Health Awareness Month This May

Facts to Know During Mental Health Awareness Month This May

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. We’d like to share some important information with you. When we think about illness, we might usually think about its physical manifestation. Maybe we think of the last time we had the flu or perhaps about one of our friends who has an ongoing health issue. More often than

Set Your Sights On Healthy Vision Month

Healthy Vision Month & Ultraviolet Awareness Month

Focus On Your Eyes This Month May brings added sunlight and longer days, meaning we are probably digging out our spare pair of sunglasses due to the added exposure to sunshine. As we do so, let’s turn our attention to the fact that this month is Healthy Vision Month and Ultraviolet Awareness Month. Many of

Get Moving This May!

National Physical Fitness and Sport Month

Small Steps Set You On The Right Path May is not just the cusp of summer, it is also National Physical Fitness and Sport Month! Whether we are already dedicated to healthy living or we want to take advantage of the new season to get a new start, this month presents the perfect opportunity to

Raise Mental Health Awareness This Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

The Significance Of The Coming Month When we see the first signs of physical illness, we are quick to treat them. Whether than means trying a natural remedy, digging through your medicine cabinet, or heading to the doctor, you do your best to kick a physical sickness when it first sets in. With mental illnesses

The Importance of Teen Pregnancy Prevention is Recognized Each May

Having a baby is a wonderful experience, but it is always best when the parents are fully prepared to nurture and support the child that they are bringing into the world. But many babies are born to less than prepared parents, and all too often these parents are still children themselves. Teen pregnancy is a