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10 Ways To Enjoy Lazy Day This August

Let’s face it, we all have a lazy side and that’s why August 10th is the day we’ve all been waiting for. National Lazy Day will finally give us an excuse to be lazy all day long and the hazy heat of August will give us the perfect setting.  Here are some great ways to

Join Maria Sanchez During Nutrition Month

Everyone knows that nutrition plays an important role in everyday life. Test your nutritional knowledge here, on The Maria Sanchez Show during the month of March. March is Nutrition Month and you can use our podcast to keep current on the latest topics discussed on the show. These podcasts can keep you up-to-date even on

National Wise Health Consumer Month Raises Awareness on Physician Choice

February brings National Wise Health Consumer month, an awareness program designed to help Americans take charge of their own health care. The concept is to get people to consider the idea of reducing the cost of their healthcare by shopping doctors or even negotiating lower costs for services. Healthy living shouldn’t have to be expensive.

International Condom Day

What better way to celebrate and even prepare for some Valentine’s Day togetherness than to have it coincide with International Condom Day on February 14, 2014? The chosen date certainly makes sense to me as International Condom Day is an informal observance, created to encourage the use of condoms in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies