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Sweet Dreams! Get a Better Sleep this National Sleep Awareness Week

Sweet Dreams! Get a Better Sleep this National Sleep Awareness Week

Let’s improve our sleep schedules this National Sleep Awareness Week.

Today marks the final day of National Sleep Awareness Week.  While this week might be almost over, it’s still a great time to work on improving the quantity and quality of our sleep.  Here are some of the things we can do to get a better night’s sleep.

Set a Strict Sleep Schedule

One way we can get more sleep is by setting a strict bedtime and wake-up time for ourselves.  By keeping a regular sleep schedule, we can train our bodies to get ready to sleep and stay sleep for a certain time period.  So long as we maintain our schedule, we should be able to fall asleep easier and have an easier time staying asleep as well.

Create a Relaxing Night-Time Routine

Another thing we can do to get a better night’s sleep is come up with our own relaxing routine before bedtime.  When we feel calm and relaxed, then we will have a much easier time entering dreamland.  Even if we don’t have a set routine, we should do our best to avoid any strenuous activities or anxiety-inducing thoughts.

Foster a Good Sleep Environment

Finally, we can improve our sleep by making sure that our bedrooms are organized in a way that will foster sleep.  For instance, we should keep our bedrooms cool, devoid of noisy things, and absent of light.  Additionally, we can create a serene environment by painting our rooms in soft colors and avoiding any flashy, attention-grabbing interior decorations.

Join us at  The Maria Sanchez Show as we try to get a better night’s sleep this National Sleep Awareness Week.  Don’t forget to check out our latest program, Shadow Politics with Senator Michael D. Brown.  Tune in on Sundays at 4:00 p.m. PST/7:00 p.m. EST.

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