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Super Bowl XLIX: Seahawks vs. Patriots

Defending Champions Seahawks Take On Brady And Belichick

After the heart-pounding and narrow victory the Seattle Seahawks triumphed over the Green Bay Packers to and secured the NFC Championship, the Super Bowl will surely be a thrill ride to rival the excitement NFL football fans have already experienced during this playoff season.

Fortunately, if any two teams could bring the high level of play necessary to make an extremely exciting Super Bowl, it would be the Seahawks and the New England Patriots. These two teams are no strangers to championship rings, and promise to put their full force to the field this Sunday.

The Seahawks boast the great coaching of Pete Carroll, a strong arm and positive attitude in Russell Wilson, and two powerhouses in Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman. To counter them, Coach Bill Belichick needs Tom Brady to be his best as he leads the Patriots. These two teams appear to be very evenly matched, and Sunday looks like it will bring great football our way.

Because I am such a huge football fan, I prefer to watch the game and the commercials and not use the occasion to chat and visit. That probably sounds odd since it is usually such a huge social setting but I really care about the game and I want to watch the world’s most elite athletes in their season finale duke it out.

I’m that way with the Academy Awards and few other select broadcast, especially because I don’t watch television – period.  My television is on to listen to classical music, that’s the extent of my ‘viewing’ my TV.

I know how peculiar this may be for all of you but if I have down time, I prefer to spend it reading.  I can be in the room with the television on if someone else is interested in viewing but I enjoy my non-fiction better than anybody’s imagination.

Enjoy watching what promises to be a great game! To catch up on the latest from The Maria Sanchez Show, download the latest podcast today.

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