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During Stress Awareness Month, We Can Relieve Tension

Stress Awareness Month

Use these tips to lessen strain during Stress Awareness Month this April.

Feeling stressed? You’re not alone. Almost all Americans report feeling stressed to some degree, which makes April’s designation as Stress Awareness Month all the more important. Let’s not let chronic tension take its toll on our bodies; here are some tips to relieve stress.


Meditation is a powerful tool.  Western medicine has finally determined that the benefits of mindfulness are as potent as the followers of Eastern medicine have been saying for thousands of years.

The purpose of meditation is to make our mind calm and peaceful. If our mind is peaceful, we will be free from worries and mental discomfort, and so we will experience true happiness; but if our mind is not peaceful, we will find it very difficult to be happy, even if we are living in the very best conditions. If we train in meditation, our mind will gradually become more and more peaceful, and we will experience a purer and purer form of happiness. Eventually, we will be able to stay happy all the time, even in the most difficult circumstances.


It’s a simple, effective stress reliever: breath! We know we breathe all day, but how often do we think about our breath? We suggest to close our eyes and take slow, full breaths. It’s quite likely that we’ll feel instantly zen!  Breathe in through the nose, hold it for ten seconds, exhale through the mouth.  Doing that several times a day will help to soothe, calm, and balance our lives.

Phone a friend.

Social interaction is a fantastic (not to mention fun!) stress reliever. When we’re feeling tense, if we pick up the phone and plan a happy hour with friends it’s possible we might forget some of our troubles, be in the moment, perhaps share a laugh, shed a tear, but connect.

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