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Stepfamily Day Is September 16th!

Celebrate your stepfamily today!

The modern family looks pretty different than it did even a few decades ago. Gone are the days when the “traditional” family was structured according to a certain model. Today, families are as diverse and unique as the people that make them up!

Which is why if you have a stepfamily it’s so important to honor them.  As you are aware, these are people who came into your life and, though you don’t share the same genes or blood, they have invested in you ever since. Today’s the perfect day to thank your wonderful stepparents and step-siblings, because September 16th is Stepfamily Day.

Stepfamilies have their own unique challenges and rewards.  For someone to willingly step in and contribute to another family and vice versa is heroic.  Perhaps we shouldn’t just let our stepfamilies know how much we love them, perhaps show the world that we care. Be a part of bringing stepfamilies to the forefront of American attention and recognizing them for the beautiful and unique family model that they are!

Not all of us are comfortable with vocalizing how we feel, but perhaps stepping outside of our comfort zones would be a great learning opportunity and as well as a way to show your love to your stepfamily today.

We want to wish all families a happy holiday from all of us at The Maria Sanchez Show!

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