State Senator Fran Pavley’s take on Hydraulic Fracturing

There’s been a lot of debate about fracking, or hydraulic fracturing in the news. The process involves the injection of chemicals, sand, and water deep underground. This cracks rock formations, which frees up gas and oil that may be trapped there. Oil is the biggest focus in California, but the state currently lags behind several others when it comes to regulation and environmental protection associated with the activity.

State Senator Fran Pavley had something to say about the issue when she visited with us on July 18th. She introduced her hydraulic fracturing legislation (SB4) that is attempting to get California to agree to regulate fracking. The legislation requires public notice before any of the activity could take place. Also required are permits, an independent scientific study of the risks, and a disclosure of the chemicals to be used, among other things as her legislation is still making its way through Sacramento so revisions may continue.

Senator Pavley was very pleased that fellow senators were concerned about the consequences of fracking. Past concerns have revolved around water quality, water supply, air quality, and earthquakes. Protecting California from those issues as much as possible, and lessening the environmental impact of fracking, are very important to the Senator.

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