Join the International Community & Stand Up to Bullying!

Stand Up to Bullying

It’s International STAND UP to Bullying Day! We’d like to share some important information about this debilitating behavior.  

Today is International STAND UP to Bullying Day. That means it’s the perfect time to take a moment and think about anyone in our lives who might be picked on, and how we can empower them to rise above it.

This important day got its start in February 2008, and today over two dozen countries participate. One of the ways a lot of people get involved is by putting on a pink shirt.

This act got its start when two students started a campaign to stick up for a kid who was getting bullied at their school. Their campaign centered around wearing a pink shirt since they saw this is as a non-confrontational but effective way to address the bully and show support for the bullied.

If you’ll be putting on pink, consider joining the Facebook Stand Up to Bullying Day community to increase visibility and awareness.

At The Maria Sanchez Show, we’re looking forward to using today to protect kids in our community against bullying. Let us know how you’re going to get involved in the comments section!

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