Spring Forward One Hour into Daylight Savings Time

March 9, 2014, marks the day we are going to set our clocks ahead one hour. The modern idea of daylight saving was first proposed in 1895 by George Vernon Hudson and it was first implemented by Germany and Austria-Hungary starting on 30 April 1916. Many countries have used it at various times since then, most consistently since the energy crises of the 1970s.

The reason behind this logic is that when our alarm clocks ring at 7 a.m., it is really 6 a.m. because we set our clocks one hour ahead sometime the previous evening. Forgetting to set our clocks one hour ahead on March 8 means that we will wake up on March 9 only to realize that our morning has started one hour later than planned!

When setting the clocks in your house, apartment or office one hour ahead, remember to change your battery operated alarm clock and the clock on your microwave oven, DVD player and other household electronics. You do not need to worry about the time change on your computer’s clock because it should match the Spring forward time automatically.

It is also a great time of year to switch out the batteries in our smoke detectors to keep them fresh and active.

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