Skin Cancer Prevention: Keep your Skin Protected from Sun Damage

Spending time outdoors is practically a requirement in Ventura County, but while you take advantage of the great weather, don’t forget to protect your skin. Use these skin cancer prevention tips from The Maria Sanchez Show to ensure healthy skin all year round.

Schedule an annual checkup with your dermatologist, and do regular self-checks to look for anything unusual. Let your doctor know about any changes or if you notice a mole that is asymmetrical, has ragged borders, has different shades of color throughout, or is larger than the diameter of a pencil.

Whether you’re headed to the beach for the day or just cruising the boulevard listening to talk radio with your window rolled down, put on sunscreen before you head out the door. Apply sunscreen to your face, arms, legs, and anywhere else that might encounter the sun’s rays, and completely avoid tanning or sunbathing.

While it’s not practical to wear long sleeves and pants on a sweltering summer day, at least pop on a hat to shade your face.

Keeping protected from the sun while you’re young ensures that you’ll have healthy skin for years to come.  To learn more about the dangers of skin cancer check out the on-demand podcast of The Maria Sanchez Show from April 24, 2013.

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