Crab Crawl: A Sign Of El Niño

Signs California will be Hit by El Nino

Tuna Crabs Could Indicate El Niño

For Californians, El Niño could be good news. While its effects vary, El Niño will generally bring low air pressure to the Eastern Pacific (i.e. the California coast), which could bring some much needed rain to drought-ridden California.

How can we know if El Niño will come? There has been an omen.

In mid-June, thousands of tuna crabs, which look like crawfish, washed ashore for days. These crabs normally live on the bottom of the continental shelf, but warm water could be the reason they are coming up to the shore.

The last time this phenomenon occurred was in 1997, right before an El Niño of a massive scale. Scientists say the warming water driving these crabs north could be one of the signs indicating a major El Niño this year.

These crabs come with the crab symbol in the astrological calendar, as the dates for Cancer begin on June 21st.

We have our whole team at The Maria Sanchez Show, based out of Southern California, keeping an eye out for other signs of El Niño, hoping it will bring much-needed moisture to Californians.

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