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Show Your Appreciation For All Your Left Handed Friends & Loved Ones!

Happy Left Handers Day! All Lefties, it is time to celebrate.  If you were bullied for being a “Southpaw” you now have a day to celebrate, today, August 13th. On this day, it’s important that we help raise awareness to show people that we have rights too! It doesn’t matter that most desks in school throughout the years have been made for right handers, or that you may have had trouble using scissors your entire life, you deserve respect equal to right handers.

If you are one of the 10% of individuals who have the special attribute of being a Leftie, you really ought to celebrate today! Try one of these ways of recognizing and honoring your uniqueness:

  • Organize a left-footed soccer game with all of your left handed friends! This is the perfect way to show all those right handers that you are just as athletic.
  • Show the right handers how hard it really is to play a guitar left handed.
  • This one will surely have them respecting you – put the computer mouse on the left side and show right handers the troubles you had learning to use a right handed mouse with your left hand.

Lefties, we commend you, celebrate August 13th as Left Handers Day and recognize your specialness.

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