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Celebrate Natures Sweet Treat With National Honey Month

Honey is natural and oh so delicious when spread on toast or even mixed in with your favorite tea. But do you ever take some time to step back and appreciate the wonderful all natural sweetener we call honey and the bees that make it for us?

September is National Honey Month so take advantage of the many uses of honey and celebrate this tasty all natural sweet treat. Worker bees are tireless in their pursuit to collect nectar from flowers and bring it back to their hive to make the honey we all enjoy.

Celebrating National Honey Month can be as easy as supporting your local beekeepers and buying honey from farmers markets to help keep bees pollinating our trees. Check out all the different ways you can use honey to benefit your life!

Honey is great for our health with natural antioxidants that boosts energy and reduces fatigue in muscles. Honey is also wonderful for helping people with allergies by boosting our immune systems and helping to prevent infections. With antiseptic and moisturizing properties, it seems as if there is no end to the many uses of honey.

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