Save the Eagles Day

Join us on Friday, January 10, 2014, for Save the Eagles Day.  This day provides an opportunity to learn more about our American Bald Eagle that we love and treasure so much, and to promote awareness of the laws and programs that preserve and protect our national bird. By participating in Save the Eagles Day, you will be helping to ensure the survival of current and future generations of the revered American Bald Eagle.

Though in 2007, The American Eagle Foundation removed these majestic birds from the endangered list, the foundation actively educates (youth and adults) in how all of us can participate in protecting our national bird and make sure the species thrives and doesn’t decline into extinction.  This magnificent creature is worth learning about and admiring.  To become our national bird, the eagle was chosen due to their beauty, size, strength, and long life.

Programs are in place to nurture our American Bald Eagles and their habitat. On Save the Eagles Day, you can donate funds that support special programs and activities such as the viewing of live eagle nests, and lessons that provide education in all the ways that eagles are cared for and bred.

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