Running of the Bulls

Being charged by bulls first thing in the morning may not sound like your idea of fun. However, for thousands of Spaniards and curious tourists, this is the highlight of the year. In a recent broadcast on the Maria Sanchez Show, Ventura County resident, Kirk Waldron and his 21-year-old daughter took a trip to Pamplona, Spain to see the Running of the Bulls. During this 9-day festival everyone cheers bulls and the folks who choose to run along with them through the streets of Pamplona on their way to a daily bull fight.

Every morning for nine days, six bulls weighing approximately 1,600 pounds take to the streets at 8 am. Anyone over the age of 18 can run with the bulls as the bulls are released to charge down a narrow road. It is impossible to outrun the bulls, and every year dozens of people are injured or killed.

While this festivity started out as a function in moving bulls from one place to another, it has turned into a massive party scene. Mr. Waldron referred to it as Mardi Gras on steroids, whereas alcohol flows like water, morning, noon and night. Here at the Maria Sanchez Show, you can learn more about the Running of the Bulls from our podcast on July 19th.

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