Remembering Pearl Harbor

Remembering the tragic event is not easy for most, especially our veterans. Back on December 7th 1941 we lost over 2,000 servicemen, 1,139 people were wounded, and we lost 18 ships, including five battleships. The occasion? The 1941 attack of US naval base Pearl Harbor. The attacks were led by the Japanese Navy. The attacks caused great damage to our fleet. After the attacks several Medal of Honors were given out, including service medals, Navy Crosses, and bronze medals.

When we look back and remember all of those who died during Pearl Harbor it is equally important to honor those who stood strong. We must remember there was no warning sign of the attacks. Ship after ship was hit, torpedo after torpedo was dropped; Pearl Harbor was lit up like the 4th of July. Imagine the emotions of those who were woken up with a bomb being dropped on their ship.

We all get busy and often forget important times in history. However it is historical events like the attack on Pearl Harbor that we must teach our kids, remind our friends, and honor our country. To stay up-to-date with relevant news and events tune in The Maria Sanchez Show daily.

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