Reduce Stress and Simplify Your 9 to 5

While work can be a source of fulfillment and contentment, it can also cause a lot of stress. These 10 tips will help you simplify your workday, be good to yourself, and cut some of the tension.

  • Rush less by starting your workday earlier.
  • Keep your blood sugar levels even by bringing snacks and coffee to the office.
  • Praise yourself for a job well done.
  • Schedule time to worry and be done with it.
  • Make time to plan and make lists when you have downtime.
  • Schedule time to socialize — it’s amazing how much tapping the collective consciousness can spur ideas and creativity.
  • Manage your email so it doesn’t manage you.
  • Stretch at your desk to stay loose and keep your blood flowing.
  • Display reminders of your personal life, such as photos of your family, close by to remind you why you’re doing it all.
  • Keep something in your office or cube that grounds you and gives you perspective of the bigger picture, such as a globe.

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