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Ramadan Has Just Began


Understanding This Important Month

Of the 12-month Islamic calendar, Ramadan is the ninth month. It is set apart as the holy month during which Muslims pray, fast (one of Islam’s five fundamental principles), and self-reflect. During Ramadan, Muslims fast—avoiding food, drink, and sexual activity—from sunup to sundown. Each day, they break their fast once the sun sets with friends and family. This year, Ramadan began on June 18th and ends on the evening of July 17th.

The history of Ramadan is that it is celebrated during the same month Muhammad received the first revelations of what would later become the Quran. The purpose of the month is to offer Muslims the opportunity to practice self-restraint, making more time and freeing up more energy for self-reflection. Additionally, fasting instills those who abstain from food with empathy for the less fortunate.

Ramadan is broken during a three celebration called Id al-Fitr. Since 1996, Presidents have hosted an iftar dinner to break the fast in the White House.

Whatever your religious tradition, The Maria Sanchez Show team hopes you take advantage of the coming weeks to self-reflect and grow.

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