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Ramadan Is Coming Soon

In 2014, Ramadan begins on June 28 and continues until July 27. Always on the same day of the Islamic calendar, the holy holiday begins in North America a day later, June 29, and those countries using the Gregorian calendar record a different start date from year-to-year.

The simple reason: The Gregorian calendar is a “solar” calendar, while the Islamic calendar is a “lunar” calendar. The different calendars result in an approximately 11 day difference each year. In both calendars the holiday lasts 30 days.

Muslims believe Ramadan is the month that the Quran was revealed. Devout Muslims fast for the entire month from dawn until sunset. They also believe the gates of Heaven are open all month.

The start of Ramadan may differ depending on your calendar, but for Muslims around the world it’s a time for fasting and extra prayers, regardless of the calendar used. It is also believed it’s the time God gave the Torah to Moses. This is one of numerous events Muslims believe took place during Ramadan throughout history.

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