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Raise Awareness About Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month and it is a time to raise awareness about preventative health that can positively impact the lives of men around the country. Finding ways to help all of us be more vigilant about our health and to encourage men in our lives to recognize the ways they can reduce the risk of developing health concerns is not as difficult as it may seem.

Plan a Wear Blue Day

When I think about raising awareness regarding the health of my loved ones, an idea might be to agree to wear the same color on a particular day or at a public event.

Get a group of loved ones, co-workers and friends together to plan a day when everyone will wear blue. Add blue to an outfit with a shirt, blue pants and blue-colored accessories. When your group is asked about the matching colors, explain that it is to honor Men’s Health Month.

Arrange Special Events

Plan events that are related to the health of men. For example, set up a 5K walk-run to raise funds for prostate cancer research or set up a table in front of the local library and pass out brochures related to men’s health.

It is time to raise awareness about health concerns that impact the lives of our loved ones. To learn more about Men’s Health Month, contact The Maria Sanchez Show.

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