Methods We Can Take To Protect Our Data When Using Smart Devices

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How we can preserve our sensitive information while using smart home devices.

Today, many of us rely on smart home devices in our households.  However, what we often may not consider is how our smart thermostats, refrigerators, televisions, and other appliances or electronics may leave us exposed to online risks.  To ensure that our personal information does not fall into the wrong hands, here are some options that we can do to protect ourselves.

  • Run Home Devices on a Separate Network

Most homeowners use their home’s main Wi-Fi network to run everything from personal computing devices to appliances like smart refrigerators. Because smart appliances and other home automation devices typically do not have as many security measures in place, a hacker can use these weak links to access our homes’ main Wi-Fi network. This, in turn, threatens our more important devices like computers, laptops, smartphones, etc.  To protect the information stored on our personal computing devices, we suggest setting up a separate network specifically for our smart home appliances.  This way, if a hacker does target these less-secure devices, our more important items will most likely stay safe.

  • Secure Devices with Unique Usernames and Passwords

Many of us may make the mistake of securing all our devices with the same username and password combo. This is risky because, as soon as a hacker breaks one device, they can access all our other ones.  The best way to prevent this from happening is by creating unique usernames and passwords that incorporate a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.  Security experts also recommend leaving identifying information out of our login credentials.  For instance, our usernames and passwords should not include our names, addresses, contact information, and birthdays.

  • Update Our Devices Frequently

Manufacturers of internet-connected devices are always on the lookout for emerging threats and weaknesses in their defenses. They are quick to respond to vulnerabilities by releasing device updates that fix bugs and improve user security. To ensure that we have the most updated security measures in place, we suggest updating all our devices as prompted.

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