Open Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act Started on October 1st

The open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act started October 1st, offering individuals, families and small businesses access to health insurance like never before. Prior to the creation of the health insurance exchanges, the only way to get insurance was to go straight to the insurance company and take what was given, or go through a broker who researched different kinds of health care options for you. The problem with either method is that a lack of outright competition and information made it difficult to compare the offerings. Either you took what you could or went without insurance outright.

All of this is changing with the health care exchanges that are now open. Consumers are able to find all of the information they need in one place, as well as different levels of coverage. The process of getting health insurance is much more streamlined than ever before. Insurance companies lay out what their plan offers under each level of insurance and how much it’s going to cost. Each plan has a minimum coverage requirement, but the insurer can offer more benefits if it so desires. The consumer stands to benefit greatly from having the ability to pick and choose their health care coverage at will.

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