October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month. How Can I Help?

Adopting dogs from animal shelters can be a life-changing experience for your new pet–and you. You’ll have the opportunity to adopt a dog from your local shelter or find breed specific rescues in shelters around the US.

The recent recession has made more adoptable dogs available to people wanting the unchallenged love and companionship dogs offer. Private rescues also offer opportunities for foster parents. Other opportunities typically exist for shelter volunteers, so you can still make a difference in an innocent dog’s life.

While mixed breeds sometimes make the most flexible, easy to train and family friendly pets, breed specific rescues and adoptions are equally vital to both the dogs and their new owners. Regular viewers of The Maria Sanchez Show already know about my commitment and belief in adopting shelter pets.

Shelter adoptions also often result in future careers for wonderful therapy dogs. These dogs have done wonders for autistic children, nursing home and hospice patients, along with cancer treatment centers around the US. Think about adopting dogs from local or breed specific animal shelters.

You’ll be amazed at the enhancements to the quality of life you receive by saving a dog, who will return unconditional love to you every day.

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